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Accounting and Finance Training

Accounting and Finance Training:

↳ Accounting Statements and Balance Sheets

↳ Accrual Accounting

↳ Analyzing Financial Leverage for a Business

↳ Applying Breakeven Analysis in the Workplace

↳ Balancing the Books

↳ Banking 101

↳ Bookkeeping and Accounting

↳ Business and Financial Information for Small Businesses

↳ Business Graphs, Charts and Other Calculations

↳ Business Math

↳ Challenges Facing the Accounting Profession

↳ Cost of Capital: What does money cost?

↳ Efficiency Indicators: Days Inventory

↳ Efficiency Indicators: Days Payable

↳ Efficiency Indicators: Days Receivable

↳ Efficiency Indicators: The Cash Conversion Cycle

↳ Exploring Competition in Business

↳ Filing Business Taxes

↳ Financial Statements: Introducing the Balance Sheet

↳ Financial Statements: Introducing the Income Statement

↳ Financial Statements: Introducing the Statement of Cash Flows

↳ Financial Statements: Reading a Balance Sheet

↳ Financial Statements: Reading a Statement of Cash Flows

↳ Financial Statements: Reading an Income Statement

↳ Financing Solutions for Small Businesses

↳ Forecasting Demand and Breakeven Analysis

↳ Government’s Role in Managing the Economy

↳ International Finance Considerations for Business

↳ Intro to Financial Analysis: Assessing the Performance of Your Company

↳ Investing With the Time Value of Money

↳ Linking Risk and Return to Business

↳ Managing Deposits and Withdrawals

↳ Measuring the Health of the Economy

↳ More SBA Loan Programs

↳ Performance Drivers: Calculating Asset Efficiency

↳ Performance Drivers: Calculating Margins

↳ Reviewing the Basics of Business Structures

↳ ROI: Calculating Internal Rate of Return

↳ ROI: Calculating Net Present Value

↳ ROI: Calculating the Payback Method

↳ The Many Forms of Money

↳ The Role of Accounting in Business

↳ Travel and Automobile Expense Reports

↳ Understanding Bonds and their Values

↳ Using ROA and ROE as Performance Indicators

↳ What is Economics?

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