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Human Resources Training

Human Resources Training:

↳ A Drug-free Workplace

↳ A New Way to Train Employees

↳ A Safe Workplace: OSHA and Right-to-Know Laws

↳ Accidents: An Overview

↳ Administration of a Collective Bargaining Agreement

↳ AED-Saving Sudden Cardiac Arrest Victims

↳ Aggressive, Distracted, Drowsy, Impaired Driving

↳ Analyzing Pay Theories

↳ Basic Elements of a First Aid Training Program

↳ Basic First Aid

↳ Basics of the Americans with Disabilities Act

↳ Beginning Development for Training Programs

↳ Building Framework for the Development of Training Programs

↳ Career Development Programs

↳ Changing Organizational Culture

↳ Changing the Culture of Your Organization

↳ Cold Stress for Employers

↳ Compiling Employee Satisfaction Data

↳ Completing and Conducting Employee Performance Appraisals

↳ Completing the Framework for Developing Training Programs

↳ Creating a Drivers’ Safety Program: 10 Steps

↳ Creating and Maintaining a Successful Organizational Culture

↳ Current Labor Challenges and Labor Laws

↳ Dealing With Performance Issues

↳ Deciding on a Pay System

↳ Designing a Performance Appraisal System

↳ Determining Hours Worked

↳ Determining Internal and External Pay Factors

↳ Determining International Employee Compensation

↳ Developing a Compensation Package

↳ Developing Employees

↳ Disabilities – Effective Emergency Preparedness Planning

↳ Discrimination and Harassment Basics

↳ Elements of a Drivers’ Safety Program

↳ Embedding Organizational Culture

↳ Emergency Exit Routes

↳ Employee Compensation and Benefits

↳ Employee Retention Strategies: Pay for Performance and Work-Life Balance

↳ Employee Rights: Job Protection Rights

↳ Employee Rights: Labor Unions

↳ Employee Rights: Privacy

↳ Employee Separation, Rightsizing and Layoffs

↳ Employment Laws – Medical and Disability

↳ Evacuating Highrise Buildings

↳ Expatriate Selection, Cultural Training and Other Considerations

↳ Exploring Diverse Cultures

↳ Exploring the Global Business Environment

↳ Exploring the Need for Labor Unions

↳ Extrinsic and Intrinsic Rewards

↳ Fire Safety in the Workplace

↳ First Aid for Seizures

↳ First Aid for Surface Injuries

↳ Health Hazards at Work: Cumulative Trauma and Exposures

↳ Health Hazards at Work: Promoting a Culture of Safety and Health

↳ Health Hazards at Work: Stress

↳ Health Hazards at Work: Violence and Bullying

↳ Hiring Employees

↳ Hiring for a Diverse Workforce

↳ How Attitudes affect Employee Behavior

↳ How Ethics affect Attitude and Behavior

↳ How Perceptual Style affects Behavior

↳ How Personality affects Employee Behavior

↳ HR: The Cornerstone of Successful Organizations

↳ Human Resources Global Strategies

↳ Identifying Obstacles to Organizational Change

↳ Identifying the Culture of Your Organization

↳ Implementing Retention Strategies

↳ Improving Employee Attitude and Job Satisfaction

↳ Industrial Hygiene: Preventing Hazards in the Workplace

↳ Initiating Diversity Plans

↳ Injuries from Mass Casualty Events

↳ International Law for Expatriates

↳ Introducing Human Resource Management

↳ Introduction to Compensation and Benefits

↳ Introduction to Employee Assessment

↳ Introduction to Labor Unions

↳ Introduction to Managing Employee Performance

↳ Job Hazard Analysis

↳ Job Hazard Analysis: OSHA Assistance

↳ Keeping Your Workplace Safe

↳ Laws Relating to Pay

↳ Leaders’ QuickTip #10: Coach for Performance

↳ Leaders’ QuickTip #36: Foster Growth Through Personal Development Plans

↳ Linking Diversity and Ethics

↳ Linking Ethical Behavior to Your Organization’s Structure

↳ Maintaining Organizational Culture

↳ Making Sense of FMLA and Other Leave Laws

↳ Managing Diversity in the Workplace

↳ Managing Employee Performance: A Look at Influences and Discipline

↳ Managing Expatriates: Reducing Stress and Homesickness

↳ Managing Politics in Your Organization

↳ Marketing the Culture of Your Organization

↳ Matching Personality to the Right Job

↳ Maximizing Diversity

↳ Maximizing the Benefits of Your Organization’s Structure

↳ Minimizing Dilemmas in a Diverse Workplace

↳ Minimizing the Legal Risk of Terminations

↳ More Methods for Training Delivery

↳ Motivation and Job Performance

↳ Multiculturalism and the Law

↳ Non-Discrimination and Non-Harassment Policies

↳ Onboarding Tools

↳ Onboarding: Best Practices

↳ Onboarding: Orientations

↳ Onboarding: The Power of Day One

↳ Onboarding: Transmitting Culture

↳ Onboarding: Why You Should Care

↳ Organizing the Performance Appraisal Process and Conducting Appraisal Interviews

↳ OSHA Assistance Programs

↳ OSHA Inspections: An Overview

↳ OSHA: An Overview

↳ Pay Types and Considerations

↳ Performance Appraisal System Errors and Legal Considerations

↳ Performance Appraisals

↳ Performance Management: A Manager’s Responsibility

↳ Performance Management: A Systems View

↳ Performance Management: Setting Goals

↳ Performance Management: The Coaching Conversation

↳ Planning and Responding to Workplace Emergencies

↳ Promoting an Ethical Culture in Your Organization

↳ Promoting Ethical Values and Behavior

↳ Providing Government-Mandated Benefits

↳ Providing Voluntary Benefits: Incentive Pay and Paid Time Off

↳ Reasonable Accommodation Under the ADA

↳ Recordkeeping Highlights

↳ Recruitment: Job Analysis and Job Descriptions

↳ Recruitment: Process and Strategy

↳ Recruitment: Recruitment Law, Part I: IRCA and Patriot Act

↳ Recruitment: Recruitment Strategies

↳ Retail Violence Prevention: Hazard Prevention and Control

↳ Retail Violence Prevention: Introduction

↳ Retail Violence Prevention: Program Roles and Security Analysis

↳ Retail Violence Prevention: Training and Program Evaluation

↳ Retaining Your Best People

↳ Safety and Health Add Value

↳ Selecting New Employees: Criteria Development and Resume Review

↳ Selecting New Employees: Interview Methods and Avoiding Mistakes

↳ Selecting New Employees: Making the Offer

↳ Selecting New Employees: Testing

↳ Staffing Internationally

↳ Substance Abuse: Addressing Abuse

↳ Substance Abuse: Problems and Effects

↳ Substance Abuse: Supervisors’ Responsibilities

↳ Team Training, Compensation, and Recognition

↳ The Benefits of an Environmental Management System

↳ Understand the collective bargaining process

↳ Understand the types of bargaining issues and the rights of management

↳ Understand the four steps involved when training an employee

↳ The Legal Environment in Human Resources

↳ Understand the importance of legal rights in the workplace

↳ Training Delivery Methods

↳ Understand the types of training delivery methods

↳ Types of Professional Training for Employees

↳ Types of Training for Employees

↳ Understanding and Investigating Performance Issues

↳ Understanding Performance Appraisal Methods

↳ Understanding the Family and Medical Leave Act

↳ Understanding the Impact of Culture in Your Organization

↳ Unionization and Corporate Resistance

↳ Utilizing Job Evaluation Systems

↳ Voluntary Protection Program: Preparing for OSHA’s Visit

↳ What is New Employee Onboarding?

↳ What Makes a Great Place to Work?

↳ Worker’s Compensation Overview

↳ Working with Unions and Bargaining Breakdowns

↳ Workplace First Aid Programs

↳ Your Health Plan and HIPAA 2,3,4,5,6

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