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New Manager Training

New Manager Training

↳ A Motivator’s Tool Kit

↳ Barriers to Communication Success

↳ Benefits and Pitfalls of Planning

↳ Build Your Team

↳ Business Writing Tips: Edit, Rewrite and Say It Right

↳ Business Writing Tips: Make an Outline and a First Draft

↳ Check Your Ego

↳ Choosing an Interview Format and Considering Legal Issues

↳ Choosing the Best Person for the Task

↳ Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!

↳ Competitive Advantage in Organizational Strategy

↳ Conducting a Performance Evaluation Conference and Revamping Evaluation

↳ Dealing with Stressful People

↳ Decisiveness: Decide or Not

↳ Defending Against Reverse Delegation

↳ Delegate (and Execute) for Results

↳ Demystifying Management

↳ Developing Management Skills

↳ Developing Questions

↳ Evolution of Management

↳ Feedback and Non-Verbal Communication

↳ Five Tips for New Managers and Supervisors

↳ Giving Feedback

↳ Group Decision Making

↳ Hang Out the Lifelines

↳ Hire Team-Oriented Employees

↳ Influence: Getting People on Board

↳ Influencing Without Authority

↳ Introduction to Discipline

↳ Introduction to Performance Appraisals and Appraisal Systems

↳ It All Starts with Character

↳ Job Rotation, Motivation and Morale

↳ Know How to Win

↳ Knowing What You Don’t Know

↳ Leading Innovation

↳ Leading Team Meetings

↳ Learn to Be Patient

↳ Listening for Ideas

↳ Make Effective Decisions

↳ Make It Personal (Sometimes)

↳ Make Your Presence Felt

↳ Making a Plan that Works

↳ Manage (and Lead)

↳ Manage Around Obstacles

↳ Manage Your Time By Organizing Paperwork

↳ Management Skills – What Does it Take?

↳ Management, Communication and Growth

↳ Managing by Inclusion

↳ Managing Diversity in the Workplace

↳ Managing Stress

↳ Maslow’s Theory of Motivation

↳ Matching Applicants with Job Specifications and Conducting Interviews

↳ Maximizing Diversity

↳ Minimizing Dilemmas in a Diverse Workplace

↳ Motivating Your People and Being a Positive Role Model

↳ Motivational Theorists Whose Theories Work in Practice

↳ Moving from What to How

↳ Operational Plans: Budgets

↳ Operational Plans: The Single Use Plan

↳ Operational Plans: The Standing Plan

↳ Organization for Efficiency

↳ Organizational Strategy

↳ Orientation: Where Do We Go From Here?

↳ Principles of Planning

↳ Put On Your Manager’s Hat

↳ Quantify Performance Goals if Possible

↳ Rational Decision Making

↳ Recruiting New People

↳ Self Evaluation and Common Pitfalls in Performance Appraisals

↳ Setting Sound Goals

↳ Speaking and Listening

↳ Stand Up for What You Believe

↳ Sustaining a Winning Culture

↳ Take a Hard Look in the Mirror

↳ Terminating Employees

↳ The Buck Stops Here

↳ The Decision Making Process

↳ The Disciplinary Conference and Grievances

↳ The External Environment

↳ The Four Levels of Management

↳ The Progressive Discipline Process

↳ Time Management for Managers

↳ Tools and Knowledge for Successful Plans

↳ Top 10 Mistakes of Managers

↳ Tracking Progress with Controls

↳ Transitioning to Management – The First Year

↳ Types of Organizational Plans

↳ Upside-Down Leadership

↳ What is Stress?

↳ Work Teams: Some Basic Guidelines

↳ Work With the Confused Employee

↳ Working within the General and Specific Environment

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