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Project Management Training

Project Management Training:

↳ Alternative Routes to Accomplishing the Project Goal

↳ An Introduction to Productive Conflict Resolution

↳ Applying Breakeven Analysis in the Workplace

↳ Avoiding Faulty Decision Making

↳ Basics of the Project Pre-Work Process

↳ Brainstorming Project Tasks

↳ Building Commitment

↳ Collaborative Project Management in the Cloud

↳ Communicating with Your Project Team

↳ Communication Channels

↳ Constructive Feedback

↳ Contingency Planning

↳ Controlling Change in Project Management

↳ Cost of Capital: What does money cost?

↳ Creating an Effective Leadership Style

↳ Cross-Cultural Considerations for Managing Projects

↳ Day-to-Day Project Management

↳ Dealing with Difficult SItuations

↳ Dealing with External Approvals

↳ Decision Making: A Model for the Best Style

↳ Decision Making: An Overview

↳ Defining Project Problems or Opportunities

↳ Designing and Managing Effective Teams

↳ Determining Project Requirements

↳ Developing a Project Goal Statement

↳ Developing Your Leadership Style

↳ Effective Styles for Interpersonal Communication

↳ Estimating Task and Activity Durations

↳ Exploring the History of Agile

↳ Garnering Agreement on Project Requirements

↳ Getting Project Requests Right

↳ Good Communication

↳ Handling Conflict with the Thomas-Kilmann Model

↳ Handling Conflicts in High-Value Relationships

↳ Handling Conflicts in Low-Value Relationships

↳ How Teams Form and Grow

↳ Identifying Personnel

↳ Identifying Project Risks

↳ Identifying the Characteristics of a Successful Team

↳ Intro to Scrum

↳ Introduction to Project Management

↳ Introduction to Project Planning

↳ Investing with the Time Value of Money

↳ Keys to Lively and Effective Meetings

↳ Lead by Listening

↳ Leadership and Ethics

↳ Leadership vs. Management

↳ Leadership: Giving Non-Cash Recognition

↳ Leadership: Trusting Others

↳ Leading a Team as it Forms and Grows

↳ Leading Your Team Ethically

↳ Linking Risk and Return to Business

↳ Making Command Decisions Work for You

↳ Making Consensus Decisions Work for You

↳ Making Consultative Decisions Work for You

↳ Making Decisions as a Group

↳ Making Delegated Decisions Work for You

↳ Making Ethical Decisions

↳ Managing Project Closure

↳ Managing Project Portfolios

↳ Managing Teams Ethically

↳ Managing Teams within an Organization

↳ Managing the Stages of Groups

↳ Overcoming Barriers to Workplace Communication

↳ Overview of Project Stakeholders

↳ Performance Appraisals

↳ Performance Management: A Manager’s Responsibility

↳ Performance Management: A Systems View

↳ Performance Management: The Coaching Conversation

↳ Planning Process Summary

↳ Planning Project Phases

↳ Post-Project Evaluation

↳ Problem Solving on Projects

↳ Project Authority Planning

↳ Project Budgeting

↳ Project Complexity Analysis

↳ Project Management Program Opener

↳ Project Management Program Closer

↳ Project Management: Impact of Constraints

↳ Project Management: Project Process Model

↳ Project Organization in the Planning Process

↳ Project Planning Summary

↳ Project Proposals

↳ Project Resource Planning

↳ Project Scheduling: Basic Concepts

↳ Project Scheduling: Changing the Plan

↳ Project Scheduling: Critical Path

↳ Project Scheduling: Overlapping Tasks

↳ Project Tasks and Sub-Tasks

↳ Projects as a Form of Work

↳ Quantifying Project Risks

↳ Responsibility Allocation

↳ ROI: Calculating Internal Rate of Return

↳ ROI: Calculating Net Present Value

↳ ROI: Calculating the Payback Method

↳ Separating and Ranking Needs and Wants

↳ Shortening the Critical Path

↳ Stakeholder Analysis Alternatives

↳ Stakeholder Analysis Matrix

↳ The PERT Chart

↳ The Process of a Project

↳ The Project Kickoff Meeting

↳ The Responsibility Matrix

↳ The Team and Its Members

↳ The Team and the Organization

↳ The Triple Bottom Line

↳ The Work Breakdown Structure

↳ Turning a Project into a Process

↳ Types of Work Teams

↳ Understanding Decision Making

↳ Understanding What Drives Your Project

↳ Using Gantt Charts for Your Project

↳ Using The Critical Chain

↳ Validating Project Needs and Wants

↳ What Makes a Great Place to Work?

↳ Why Teamwork Works

↳ Win-Win Negotiations for Conflict Resolution

↳ Working With Status Reports

↳ Workplace Communication: Presentations and Nonverbal Communication

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